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  What is Cancer
Cancer known medically as a malignant neoplasm, is a broad group of various diseases, all involving unregulated cell growth. In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade nearby parts of the body. The cancer may also spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Not all tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors do not grow uncontrollably, do not invade neighboring tissues, and do not spread throughout the body.
  History of Cancer
Cancer is not a new disease. Written descriptions of it can be found on Egyptian papyrus dating back to roughly 1600 BC. The Egyptians blamed the disease on the gods and treated it with a cauterizing tool they called “the fire drill”. Apparently the drill did not work, as the writing on the papyrus says, “There is no treatment.”
The Greek physician Hippocrates is believed to be the first person to use the word “carcinos”, which describes the crab-like way that both the ulcer-forming and non-ulcer forming tumors spread. Over time, the word shortened to “cancer”.
  What causes cancer?

DNA is found in every cell in the body and regulates all of its activities. Cancer is caused by damage to DNA. The body is usually able to repair damaged DNA, but is unable to do so in cancer cells.

Some people inherit damaged DNA, but in most cases people damage it themselves through lifestyle choices such as smoking, exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun or exposure to cancer-causing substances known as carcinogens in the environment, such as asbestos.

Inheriting damaged genes or being exposed to carcinogens does not mean that cancer is inevitable. It does, however, mean that the chance of getting cancer is increased. Scientists are still trying to understand the factors that can increase a person’s chance of developing cancer.

While being infected with certain viruses, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), can increase the risk of some types of cancer, cancer is not contagious.
   How Does Cancer Develop?
The organs in our body are made up of cells. Cells divide and multiply as the body needs them. When these cells continue multiplying when the body doesn't need them, the result is a mass or growth, also called a tumor.

These growths are considered either benign or malignant. Benign is considered non-cancerous and malignant is cancerous. Benign tumors rarely are life threatening and do not spread to other parts of the body. They can often be removed.
Malignant tumors, however, often invade nearby tissue and organs, spreading the disease.
  Are there side effects to conventional cancer treatment?
Because cancer treatment damages healthy cells and tissues as well as cancerous ones, it often causes side effects. Anyone about to receive cancer treatment should thoroughly talk to their doctor about all the treatment options, weighing the likely benefits of killing cancer cells against the risks of possible side effects.
  Common side-effects include:
Depression of the immune system, which can result in potentially fatal infections.
•  Fatigue.
•  Tendency to bleed easily.
•  Gastrointestinal distress - nausea and vomiting
•  Hair loss.
  Role of Homoeopathy in Cancer
To understand the homeopathic approach to treating people with cancer, we must first clarify that homeopathic medicines do not treat the cancer but rather the person with the cancer. The natural remedies individually prescribed on the basis of the totality of a person's physical and psychological symptoms reduce that person's susceptibility to disease. Once this concept is understood it becomes very easy to help out patients.

Homoeopathic medicines not only help to control the growth of cancer (if brought to the  homoeopath in the early stages) but it also helps to alleviate the other accompanying symptoms most commonly found like loss of weight, difficulty in eating, pain, weakness, cough, etc.

Following are some of the aspects of Cancer management with Homeopathy:

One of the most distressing complaints associated with some varieties of Cancer is the agonizing pain. Conventional medicines can provide pain relief but only to a certain extent and these medicines are not without any side effects. Moreover there is always a restriction to the dosage that can be safely administered to the patient. The advantage of administering Homeopathic medicines in such cases is that there can be effective pain control without inducing any side effects.

Homeopathy can help in improving the general well being and vitality of the patient.

Conventional treatment options for cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc) are associated with distressing side effects and homeopathy can play a definitive role to counter these side effects.

The diagnosis of cancer often leaves the patient with a sense of depression, anxiety and fear. The treatment may induce additional irritability, impatience and mood fluctuations. Homeopathy can influence the psyche of the patient and help him to deal with these emotions in a better way.

Homeopathic medicines may also have a role to play in controlling the pace at which the disease increases and spread of the disease to other organs.
  Cancer Department in Ruby Hall
The Homoeopathic department in Ruby Hospital was started in 2006 which later progressed to a Homoeopathic Cancer Department. This department deals with exclusively cancer patients. On the first visit there is a detailed 2 hour case history which is taken of the patient to help us get a better understanding of the disease and of the man behind the disease. We try to analyze the different aspects of the patient’s life and select the most well indicated medicine for him. Now along with our homoeopathic medicines we also promote the administration of Iscador injections. Every patient is assessed on a monthly basis to help us gage the amelioration and how to adjust the dosage accordingly. 
  Iscador Treatment
Iscador is a cancer treatment formulation derived directly from the plant Viscum album (mistletoe plant). Ninety years ago, Iscador was first put to use in Switzerland. Today, thanks to ongoing scientific research and development, it is the most frequently used alternative treatment for cancer in the world.

The three most frequently prescribed cancer treatments are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Practitioners of these treatments are increasingly recognizing the effectiveness of complementary cancer remedies, such as Iscador as an essential component of an integrative treatment protocol.

One of the primary functions of Iscador is that it stimulates parts of the immune system that can slow the growth of cancer cells and does so with very limited side effects. For this reason, it is often used in conjunction with conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Many patients treated with Iscador report an improved quality of life, feeling better and more positive and in need of less pain relief medications.
  The plant Viscum Album
Mistletoe has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Dr. Rudolf Steiner first suggested it specifically for cancer patients in the early 20th century, and with increasing successes in treatment since that time, its use has become widespread. In fact, over 50% of cancer patients in Germany are treated with the plant in some form during their treatment.

Mistletoe grows on a variety of host trees, each of which yields a different type of Iscador — Iscador P from pine trees, Iscador Q from oak trees, and Iscador M from apple trees. The different formulations are each prescribed to treat different forms of cancer
  Advantages of Iscador Therapy
  Extensive research and clinical experience demonstrate the vast array of health benefits that Iscador provides:
  Improvements in general condition (increase in appetite and weight) and vitality
  Restoration of normal sleep pattern
  Improvement in mental state (depression/anxiety, courage to face life and ability to take initiative)1
  Improvement in quality of life
  Prolongation of life
  Other major effects include:
  Reducing adverse effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  Immunomodulatory effect
  Inhibition of malignant growth
  Reducing the risk of recurrences and metastases

Dr. Master is treating cancer patients since last 30 years. He has passed his M.D. (Hom.) examination standing first in the university with dissertation on ‘Tumors in Homoeopathy’ and is the first doctor in India to do his PhD from Bombay University (now Maharashtra University of Health Sciences).

Dr. Master has authored a book ‘Tumors in Homoeopathy’ which has now been translated in several languages.

Dr. Master has given seminars on Homoeopathic Treatment of Cancer in various countries like Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, USA etc.

In early 80’s Dr. Master has been to LUKAS KLINIK, Switzerland where he learnt the art of Iscador Therapy.

His clinic in Bombay is officially recognized by the LUKAS KLINIK, Switzerland to give Iscador therapy.

Dr. Master has been conducting cancer clinic at following places:

•  K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai
Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, Mumbai
Ruby Hall, Pune
POSTER Presentation by Dr Master on 7th October, 2014 at Buenos Airies at the 15th World Congress of International Association for the Study of Pain (I.A.S.P.) (click poster to enlarge)
 Certificate from Lukas Klinik


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