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Hiroko Meaney, Japan, Mar 2015

It was a great learning and wonderful eye opening opportunity to study at Dr. Farokh Master's clinic. I have heard much about homeopathy being people's choice of medicine in India, but seeing is worth thousand words. I was so impressed how the clinic was inundated by patients young and old with all kinds of ailments including many difficult to cure diseases, and how many patients Dr. Master saw in a day. Unlike homeopathic consultation in Japan where we are not allowed to examine patients, Dr. Master physically examined patients and I was able to observe many different diseases I had only seen in books - that was such a valuable experience.

Dr. Master, Dr. Rukshin and his assistants were so wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for all the learning. Dr. Master also extended much hospitality and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Mumbai. Thank you Dr. Master and I sincerely hope I can study with you again in near future.

Karen Jackson, Australia Masayo Nagashima, Japan

It has been an experience I will never forget the way everyone has opened their hearts and allowed me to feel part of this beautiful family. The simplicity of life that people enjoy and the dedicated team of homoeopaths have taught me to feel the passion of Homoeopathy again. This is the reason I came to connect again and so thank you everyone for your time patience and the gift of love between friends and for your teachings on many levels.

Thank you so much for all your kindness in Mumbai last March, and I am sorry not having said goodbye to you and Dr. Rukshin when I left. I was really encouraged to study classical homeopathy more sincerely thanks to you and your assistants, and now I am reading your book "Clinical Organon of Medicine" which I think is very helpful. I also attended your lecture on whole health now last week. Your knowledge and experience always impress me totally. I would really like to have your lecture also in Japan some day.

The problem is, we have currently no authorities whom I can trust with in my country. Honestly speaking, some of them are considered to be kind of troublemakers or liars by young students so that I have to be careful when making any actions. Still, I am going to look for solutions to breakthrough this silly situation of homeopathy in Japan. I would appreciate if you could understand the actual circumstances in Japan and make good friends with younger homeopathic generations like me. I hope I can see you again in the near future.

Reishmi Devan, Malaysia Nicky Honnef, The Netherlands

Dear Dr. Farokh, thank you so much for welcoming all of us to observe you in your clinic and to learn your approach and methodology in carrying out consultations. I feel blessed and privileged to be able to be with you in your clinic. I seek your blessings for undertaking my endeavor in homoeopathy. I hope you will be able to have a base in Malaysia for consultation. I really loved your seminar in Malaysia 3 years ago. It was a wonderful seminar which opened up my mind to attend your clinic someday. I am so glad I did. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude. I wish I will be able to attend more of your seminar and workshops in India and abroad someday. Thank you so much. You are one of my ideals in homoeopathy.

Dear Sir, I feel very thankful I was able to meet you and attend your clinic and have the opportunity to learn from you. Words will never be enough to describe this experience. For me it was very special to meet a humble, loving and caring person like you. You make sure that everything was perfect during my stay. Thank you so much for showing me the real homoeopathy. I hope I can learn more from you in the future and implement your teachings and practice. I am sure your books will guide me in my journey in homoeopathy. Hopefully I can come back someday. Sir, I hope you will make lots of people laugh as you made me laugh. Take care. Wish you good health.

Benedetta Masini, Italy Brigid Bryne, Ireland

Dear Doctor, I am thankful for all the great things you have taught me. Thank you also for making me feel so much at home with you. This has certainly been one of the most important experiences I had till now. I hope I won’t lose what I achieved here at the clinic. I will treasure all of your teachings. Thanks to the staff. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I wish you all the best. I hope to see you soon in Rome.

Your warmth generosity and welcome will stand out when I remember the weeks I have spent at your clinic. My wish when I left home was for total immersion in Homoeopathy for my time here. Your clinic has given me that experience beyond my wishes. Your passion for Homoeopathy, your knowledge and the enthusiasm with which you share it is inspirational. It has been so good to see so many varied and difficult cases come through your doors and I could see the magic of Homoeopathy at work in them. As well as my gains in Homoeopathy I feel I have gained a friend – many friends.

Jor, Thailand, Dec 2011 Kathrin Sondeggar, Germany

I have got a family here in this clinic I have seen love and sharing not only to small family members but to all around in whatever they need. it was just a flow of love, understanding, care and share. I will miss you all for sure especially Dr. Master.

I won’t ever forget those two weeks I spent in your clinic. Thank you so much for being my teacher sharing your vast knowledge and experience and for being such a great example of a truly dedicated homoeopath. Thank you for having welcomed me so warmly. I enjoyed your great sense of humor and I hope that you will come to Berlin. Be happy.

Dr. B. M. Benojir Ahmed, Bangladesh, May 2011 Catherine Mayer, France, Dec 2011

The clinical experience obtained from HHC is the best ever training in my life. The case management is really fantastic. Thanks to Dr. Master and all the assistant doctors to practice classical Homeopathy.

It seemed I arrived yesterday and at the same time it seems like I have been here forever so friendly everyone was. I will miss you a lot until I can return but I will keep Dr. Master in my heart and prayers. Dr. Master has brought knowledge in my brain, love in heart and peace in my soul. Never will I find such a complete teaching. Thank you for everything.

Yvonne Klein Rouweler, Holland, Nov 2009  Margreet Van Breemen, Holland, Nov 2009

The stay at your clinic was very inspiring and educational. All of you have been very kind and helpful to us. I will apply the knowledge and information at home and do all my best to contribute to good practice of homoeopathy in our country, where I consider homoeopathy to be ‘barren land’ compared to what it is in India. But then both countries are too different. Anyways I am very grateful for having this opportunity and with you all the best. Thank you all.

Thank you so much for your hospitality!!Having us in your clinic, being able to observe the way you practice homoeopathy, learn from you and get to know you and all the wonderful young doctors in your clinic was a wonderful experience!!I take home a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm about homoeopathy and of course many wonderful memories. Thank you again.

 Radha Adhin, Holland, Nov 2009  Ravalard Jean Claude, France, Jan 2009

I loved the stay at your clinic. The assistants were very nice and the lectures were very interesting. The visit to Pune was great. I have learnt a lot of your method (5 cup, anamneses...); thank you so much.

Marvellous stay in India; It was my first visit and immediately I was mesmerized by India and its culture. Thanks Dr. Master and his team for their support.

 Laurance Daveau, France, Jan 2009  Corinne Bendayan, France, Jan 2009

Thank you for spending time with us in your country. Everybody was very nice with us and I love India and I want to come back and if somebody is coming to France I will invite him or her with great pleasure.

I love India, I love homoeopathy.
Thank you Dr. Master and all his teamWe will come back.

 Dr. Thomas Pfiter, France, Jan 2009  Dr. Beatrix Georget, France, Jan 2009

This was for me a wonderful experience of clinical practice in homoeopathy, also great lectures by Dr Master. Thank you again and again for your great hospitality and also giving us great homoeopathic knowledge. This will help us to promote a classical homoeopathy in France and Switzerland.

I am very happy to be here. I understand better how you prescribe. Homoeopathy is very simple and authentic. I think it is near the first homoeopathy of the ancient authors. Thanks to Dr. Master and the whole staff who are so sympathetic.

 Benedicte Goudard, France, Jan 2009  Richard Pitt, USA, Jan 2009

There is no word to “thank you”. This is an incredible training with marvellous persons. Dr. Master first, for his knowledge teaching, as much as his humanity. Thanks all we had a wonderful experience, both on medical and relationship. No doubt we will need your help for a long time. We hope to be strong and competent enough to struggle for our better homoeopathy.

It has been a fantastic time being with farokh and all the great people working with him. Seeing homoeopathy being practiced in this way is a great experience for all homoeopaths. Dr. Master’s hospitality and generosity is a great experience.

 Melinda Mosee, USA, Jan 2009  Jonathan r. Ritz, USA, Sep 2008

It has been such a pleasure to see an active and successful clinic treating people in the classical manner with honesty and integrity with love and kindness.

There is little i can say that has not already been said by those that have preceded me. Thank you for making me feel so very much at home. Thank you for letting me get so deeply involved in the daily affairs and in the diagnosis and treatment of so many of your beloved clients. My life has been enriched. Enriched with an experience that i could have only found here, on the opposite side of the world, in a successful and busy practice.
 Kelda White, UK, Mar 2008  Anne, Ireland, Mar 2008

Wow what an expereince! Many thanks for your kindness, generosity and patience in sharing your knowledge and making me feel so welcome. It was a privilige to be here.

Thank you dr master for a very inspiring, stimulating and enjoyable fortnight. It ws a real privilage to be here.
 Suzi, Ireland, Mar 2008  Tara, Ireland, Mar 2008

Thank you for your hospitality and for allowing us to fill up the remaining space in your busy practise. Im looking forward to putting my new knowledge to work in ireland.

Thank you dr master for being so generous with your time and knowledge.
 Mieke, Holland, Jan 2008  Lidy Engelsman, Holland, Jan 2008

Thank you for making me feel at home and teaching me hahnemannian homoepathy.

A lot of thanks for all the knowledge and kindness. I learned a lot at many levels. I will take it with me and practise it in holland, in my practise.
 Jos, Holland, Jan 2008  Mandy, UK, Dec 2007

Thanks for having me at your clinc the expereince was like a breath of fresh air and i realised there is so much for us to learn from you.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and years of experience with me.
Derek Hennessy, Ireland, Apr 2007  Tony And Monica Robinson, UK, Feb 2007

Dr. master i am truly grateful to you for allowing me to come and learn in your clinic. I have learned so much but most of all to keep homoepathy like it is meant to be classical and according to hahnemann.

Its been a privilage for us to witness pure classical homoepathy at its very best at h.h.c.
Liliya, Bulgaria, Feb 2007  Dr Graham Morgan, UK, Jan 2007

In thanks i would like to quote khalil gibran-“no man can reveal you that but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of our knowledge. The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple amoung his followers gives notOf his wisdom but rather of his faith and lovingness if he is indeed wise he does not bid you to enter the house of wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. And even as each one of you stands alone in gods knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in his knowledge of god and in his understanding of the earth.”

Many thanks farokh for giving me the opportunity to spend such a productive time in your clinic. It has opened so many doors for me. What a breath of fresh air to get back to the real hahnemann and his practice.
Sari, Finland, Jan 2007  Paul Albers, Holland, Jan 2007

It has been a pleasure to be here and learn and observe from you thank you for the privilage.

Form your clinic practise nad your vast homoeopathic knowledge i have learnt that there is lot for us western homoepaths to learn from your classical approach to homoeopathy.
 Rachel, Australia, Jan 2007  Selma, UK, Jan 2007

Thank you for the motivating learning expereince during my stay at h.h.c

Thank you for the fantastic learning opportunity the cases observed in the practise and the lectures have been throughly inspiring and has motivated me to do better in my proffession.
Stefana Vignotto, Italy, Jan 2005  Viven Freud, USA, Feb 2005

A unique experience appreciated dr master’s generosity, warmth and sense of humour.

Words arent enough to sum up my expereince here all i can say is a humble thanks.
 Rob Willaimse, Holland, Feb 2004  Avi Lugasi, Isreal, Jul 2004

I feel fortunate to have learnt from you and to see the wide array of cases seen at h.h.c

Thanks dr master for having me at h.h.c with an open heart and sahring your experiences with me.
 Lucia Dias, Canada, Feb 2004  Josephine Broeders, Holland, Feb 2004

I thank you dr master and the entire staff of h.h.c for the amazing educational experience at h.h.c.

Seeing the treatment given to the cancer patients by Dr Master I return more with more confidence in homoeopathy
 Courtney Morris, Canada, Aug 2003  Caroloman Urban, USA, Aug 2003

I have had such a wonderful time here thanks so much for all the experiences, I Go Back Having Learned So Much.

Your skill and dedication to homoeopathy is very inspriring.
 Simone Koch, Switzerland, Aug 2003  Kristen, USA, Aug 2003

Thanks for your precious time that you dedicated to us during our stay at h.h.c.

I have coem a long way learning from and observing you interacting with the patients.
 Radomir Hirl, Czech, Feb 2002  Roxana Mirza, Canada, Jan 2003

Dr. Master thanks for your hospitality and generosity it has taught me to grow infew steps in homoeopathy.

Thanks for the lovely intelligent learning experience at h.h.c.
 Scott Whitore, Australia, Dec 2001  Samantha Warner, Australia, Dec 2001

It was a privilage to have spent time at your clinic and to learn from you thanks a lot.

Thanks for the hospitality and generosity that you shared with me it has inspired me to be a better homoeopath.
 Almut Thornbury, Australia, Nov 2001  Megan Thomas, Australia, Dec 2001

My sincere gratitude to you dr. Master for allowing me to observe your personalised approach to homoeopathic treatment the knowledge and wisom shared by you a nd your associates deepened my understanding for homoeopathy esp the multitudes of pedriatic cases gave the new and valuable insights.

The generosity that you showed in sharing your homoeopathic knowledge with me has broadened my personal knowledge and thanks a lot of for that.

 Oosten, The Netherlands, Jul 2001  Ichak Fisch, USA, Oct 2001

Thanks for the in depth knowledge of the remedies and strenghtening my faith in homoeopathy through the several acute cases seen in your practice.

I felt very comfortable and welcomed at your clinic and enjoyed the lectures immensly.
 Nicole Gaskell, Canada, Mar 2001  Shirit Pocker, Isreal, Sep 2001

I can write nothing but my sincere thanks for making me feel at home and stimulating my intelect for homoeopathy.

Thanks for the patience and time and knoweledge that youshared with me.
 Sada Landers, The Netherlands, Jan 2001  Stephen Waters, USA, Aug 2001

I’m deeply impressed with your dedication towards your patients and homoeopathy and through it i have learned so much thanks a lot.

During my stay at h.h.c my limited understanding of homoeopathy took a “quantum leap”. Dr master you are an extraordinary homoepath personifying the truth and principles set down by hannemann. But to me, you are much more than that. You are a wonderful, compasssionate human being, dedicated and devoted to help all who comes to you- with a spiritual love that heals at all levels.
 Norman Suhu, USA, Jan 2001  Aksetoy, Norway, Apr 2001

I am forever grateful for the generosity and sincerity of dr master and all his staff. Have learned so much about homoeopathy and the indian culture here i go home enriched.

Thanks for having us at your clinic and teaching us so much about homoeopathy and care of people and animals.
 Vivien, Germany, Dec 2000  Mihial, Bulgaria, Dec 2000

loved the hospitality and the learning during my stay at h.h.c.

I will not say thanks, i will not say enjoyed, i will not say satisfied. But will say just join and you will see.
 Brita Gudjons, Dec 2000 Bulgaria

Enjoyed the hospitality and deep learning of dr. master at h.h.c.

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